Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week 5 and Week 6 start

So I have it written down somewhere at home but I got through Week 5 fine, each time hitting a max of about 60-65 at the end of everyday. Then took a few days off and tried the exhaustion test for Week 6. Man, I went from 80 last week to only 63 this week and I was really struggling. Just like I discovered before, I shouldn't take too long a break in between, so back on track... for now.

Either way, I made enough to move on to the third column for Week 6 and am finding out this is really getting tough. Just yesterday I had to do 56-45-42-40 then hit a max of only 34! Dang, that's a low max! After looking back I realized I did do quite a few pushups total: 214. So I shouldn't feel too bad, considering in Week 1 Day 1 I had only done a total of 61 and THAT was tough then.

So back to Week 6, scared of day 2. I'm supposed to do 30-30-25-25-25-25-22-22 plus max out afterward! Dang. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'm going to go through Week 6 again. Good thing we have a month left.

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