Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Test Weeks

After looking over the poll on the right, I've decided to screw you all and make the test for Week 1 of August. =)

We'll set the dates for the last two weeks of August.

What does that mean?
It means from Aug 17 - Aug 30 11:59 PST you HAVE to submit a video through the Upload video button when creating a new post or youtube.

What if I don't have a video submitted between those dates?
You will lose the $100 dollars which will be split among those that have completed the 100 pushups.

What should be in the video?
a front or side view of you preferably on the same level from the ground as you are. You'll also need a third party to say each push-up out loud. The video must be continuous if at any point it cuts to another scene, you lose.

What if I don't have a camera?
Borrow from someone. No excuses. Either you have a video or not.

We're still waiting on fliptree to post his stuff. He's a bit shy so why don't we trash talk... i mean cheer him on!!!

1 comment:

luxelogic said...

A couple suggestions:
1. Allow buy-in (up to 2x) $50 per 2 weeks, up to 4 weeks - helpful for people who may have a handicap (being weak).
2. Let's come up with a possible alternative to youtube. I am open about very many things, but I refuse to become someone's workout pr0n.