Monday, June 30, 2008

Wk 1/Day 1

Ran 1.25 miles then did 20,20,25, 15, 15 pushups...i'll try to follow the website, but no promises.

-suck it Trebek!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two More Have Joined

I just want to welcome our two new participants: luxelogic and kat! They'll be joining us in our bet for 100 pushups.

*golf claps*

At the moment this is the way I see the bet breakdown:

1 winner: $500
2 winners: $200 each
3 winners: $100 each
4 winners: $50 each
5 winners: $20 each
6 winners: PUSH

As you can see, the more winners we have, the less money you'll receive. It's certainly not a huge financial incentive but at least you can say you did 100 push-ups. Maybe in the future we can change it around and increase the stakes if this works out.

On that note if you want to invite more of your friend, feel free. That just adds to the pot.

I think we'll keep this open for one more week. Send this link out to your friends that might want to participate but only send it to those who you can account for when it comes time to pay up, if necessary.

So in terms of posts, feel free to say what you want. Say the truth or bluff. I'm sure many of you are doing it already. The most important post is the one with your video.

Also, those six of you who are in this blog are officially entered into this contest. There's no turning back. You MUST complete the bet or forfeit your $100. No bailing half way through. So please don't flake with the money. It's part of what drives us to hit 100 push-ups.

Any questions? complaints?

What am I getting myself into?

Seriously, am I really doing this? 100 push-ups? Crazy, but it should be fun! Besides, what's better than beating...I mean "keeping up" with 4 dudes? 

week 1/day 1, complete

first i warmed up by dropping 30 points on a team of brothas... they can't guard me! then i came home and did week 1/day 1 of the program... 10,10,8,6,45. consider it logged, biatches! :-P

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's a push-up?

I just did my final first week test and my entire body just feels super tight. My max was 21 before my arms gave in to the pain. I don't think it's possible to do more than 21. I'll redo the first week starting Monday.

Speaking of the number 21, We'll have two more participants joining our blog. I think that's great! I feel that we should still start Monday June 30th, but leave it open for a few weeks for anyone else that might want to join.

As for the final test date, we'll keep that open as well. It should be at least 6 six weeks from June 30th but I think instead of having a week to do your test. Just make sure you record it if you can't do it live via webcam or in front of another participant and post it up on the web for the entire world to see.

If you don't post a video or have someone vouch for you within the week or the week after, then you split your $100 to the ones that were successful.

How does that sound?

One more issue I wanted to bring up...

A lot of you peeps have been asking me how we'll define a push-up. Since we can't really see if your chest is touching a golf ball on video, we can only rely on your arms and elbows. Use this image as a guideline on how low you should go. It doesn't have to be exact but you should be very close to parallel.

Remember Monday is the start date for us! Post your results and measurements for a before and after comparison if you want. And if you want to put a side profile of your body, that's cool too, but chest only please.

(inhale)YOINKS....... and away.

I'm on top!

I just wanted to see my rad Rey Mysterio mask on the top post. Also, now knowing I can "rest" (stay in pushup position and keep only my feet and hands touching the ground) without literally going continuous, I was able to hit 40 after going through the first four levels. It was still a challenge but it was nice to give this old man a breather. Week 1 down... and I quit. PSHYCH!

Friday, June 27, 2008

i must, i must, i must increase my bust!

you'll have 36c's, but knowing my body, my arms will be the size of my thighs, and my chest will still be a-cups. doesn't matter, i'll just use my winnings to purchase some pecs... and calves a la johnny drama.

good day, ladies...

i start my preparation

so i did my run today (1.54 miles in 00:13:41) then i did my pushups, 60-16-8-12. i'll need all 6wks to prepare, but i know i can do it. by the end of this contest i'll have 36C's....oh yeah!

i'll get back to you on the test date. around my bday (aug 16) i may be out of the area and doing pushups will be the last thing i'll wanna do.

good luck, suckers!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tough Six Weeks

I just finished testing day 2 and my max after the 12,12,10,10 reps was only 12. I started shaking after the last 10. Anyone want to increase their bet that I won't make 100, better do it now.

I think I'll restart the first week again for the second time so that I'll have more confidence with myself. I really don't know why I feel weaker today. Maybe I should probably stop eating McDonalds.

As for the final test date, I know there's probably not a lot of time to discuss it by Monday so since it's not a huge deal to come up with one now I'll push the deadline to set a date till the end of next week. So please try and agree to a date. The last thing I want is for one of us to drop out because they know they can't do it because they're busy practicing football or going to "meetings" or always going to NYC.

This is a team effort and there's no M-E in TEAM.

Proposal for Final Test

If we start June 30th and end it in 8 weeks (giving 2 weeks for in-case-sh*t-happens) then we should do our test on Sunday Aug 17. Has to be on a weekend to make sure everyone will be home. It'll be night time for Ron, the afternoon for Art and Jeff, and morning for me.

Webcam would be ideal but since I might be in New Zealand I'm not sure if I'll have access to internet. I might have to do my push-ups at an internet cafe in front of the Maori warriors doing the Haka.

Let's figure this out before the weekend since most of you might not check anyways.

Week 1 Day 2

Still on the third column. I followed the first four levels of day two with no problem and this time was able to add to my original max of 27 and got to 31 consecutive good-form pushups. Nothing amazing but building slowly and the growth is very encouraging.

More importantly I can now abuse making things blink, in color and in big point size. "Woo, check it out, involuntary spasm! Enjoy the show!" -Dodgeball.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice Rick Roll Bitch!

I knew it there had to be one. There's no way art would put 3 vids w/o a rick roll. So I clicked the first one, then the second.

This was too good to be true. What exactly could he put as the... D'OH! There goes my bandwidth!

Nice way to mix it up. I'm just glad it wasn't that one guy singing


Taking Rests In Between

Ron sent this e-mail to us:
this was taken from the website:

"Take your time, don't rush and focus on performing ten push ups at a time. Breaking the magic hundred into smaller chunks will make the goal more achievable and give you more chance of success. Maintain good form and don't hold your breath. It sounds simple, but just take it one push up at a time until you reach one hundred! If you start to feel shaky, take a few deep breaths and regain your composure before starting again. Good luck - I know you can do it!!"

what are you're thoughts? joe says continuous pushups.

Well.. Ron raises a good point. I don't want anyone to NOT make a hundred because they're a pu**y and need rests in between. haha j/k

seriously.. i'm going with the majority if you guys feel you need to take short breaks to reach your goal of 100 as long as the knees don't touch the ground you can stay up as long as you want.

the author of this blog wants you to reach a hundred so he'll tell you to just take your time. For me, I want you guys to reach it too... but at the same time i realy don't cause i don't have a steady job and I need the money. =)

So whatever we decide let's do it before monday.
i'm in on this bet....did the initial test last night and did 60 good form pushups....i like my chances here.

let me know the exact time and date you wanna witness me winning it all. you can pay me in euro's suckers, the dollar ain't sh*t here.

peach out, beaches!!!

96... 97...

98... 99... ok i'll stop there, just to make it interesting. i don't want to hit 100 pushups before we officially begin. now, let me try the initial test with my right arm...

good luck y'all. although, i think we'll be hitting 100 pushups by week 2. perhaps we should add dunking a basketball to this challenge. what do you think?

Week 1 Day 1 (actually yesterday)

Just wanted to keep you kids updated. I've already put this on my own site but since it's not officially launched (hang-ging golden brown) until the site's programming's complete, I'll give you my results here as well.

"Started with the third column, followed the first four levels with no problem and got to 27 good-form pushups on the fifth level."

Yeah, kiddies, that's 27... and it friggin' hurt. Still sore from it and I'm scared I can't quadruple it on the last day. But I "digest", I will keep fighting... until I can't.

Spoiler alert: You two are going down faster than a two-dollar wh•re! I don't have a Napoleon complex, I just happened to be a bit short and really like to inflate my ego with lame accomplishments I have to express out loud, repeatedly. Oh and here's a video of me practicing, here and here.

Peace off y'all. 'Nocerous OUT!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Started First Exercise

Even though the official start is next week I just had to try it out to see how well I can do with push-ups. So far I did okay. I met all the requirements but probably could have done a few more reps at the end.

I did the last column and did 18 for my max reps. Maybe Thursday will be better.

I think on Sunday we should all take pictures of our pecs and arms as a before and after shot. Let's all post them at the end (or before the event starts if you guys want) to see how much of a difference this exercise made for us.

Jeff, I'll just use the pics I took from prague. Don't worry.. I got a lot of them from all different angles including super-macro shots of Ron's nipples.

Goal To 100 Push-ups

Welcome to the First Annual Goal to 100 Push-ups! Our goal is to be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups around eight weeks from now using a simple workout guideline to aid our progress.

The bet is $100. If the participant successfully does 100 push-ups in one attempt, they do NOT pay $100. But if they fail either by giving up or having the knees touch the ground (up for discussion), then they lose the $100 which is then evenly divided among the participants that have completed the 100 pushups.

If none of the participants do 100 pushups, we'll call it a push and everyone gets their money back.

Since we're all in different parts of the world we have to rely on web-cams or videos. If a camera is used to record the event it must be continuous, some how prove that it's the date of the trial, and preferably have someone count out loud.

We'll use this blog to track our progress and to do a little trash talking. Although I want everyone to do good and hope that we can all benefit from this exercise. Maybe the next bet will be 200 or 500. I know none of you can do that cause you're all slobs. But that's not the point.

The point is we must work to push each other in order to reach our goals. I hope at the end we all reach 100. And to make it interesting we can even place a side bed to see how puts in the most pushups AFTER 100. It could be as little as $5 or $20. Whatever is a good motivator. But let's settle this before Monday, June 30th.

In using this blog, we should track which column you did and how many max pushups you did to end the workout. Also describe how you felt before and after each day and even each week as you increase your strength.

I also encourage you guys to take pictures of your nipples to see how much harder they get. All this is for fun so go wild with those pix!

So good luck and let's figure out our final test date!