Saturday, July 05, 2008

End of Week 1

Survived week 1! 15-13-10-10-20. I decided to push myself to do 20 and holy schnikeees! Doing 20 was rough so doing 100 seems impossible. Not that I'm giving up. I want that $100!
Just got home from working out: ran for 2.5 miles, went on the stairclimber, did some free weights. I know it's supposed to be "rest day" but to me, that means resting from doing push-ups, not from running and lifting weights, as long as I'm working on different muscle groups. Is that so wrong? I guess this week was different cause I only worked one day this week so I was able to use my free time to run and hit the gym. Once I start working my regular schedule,  I may be only able to work out a few times(?).  But I will be sure to make time for my long runs once a week. 
I know some of you are training for a 10k in August. There is another 10k in September at Balboa Park for the AIDS Walk/Run in case anyone is interested.  I plan on training for that one. 

Are we still looking at August 31 as the final date? The only problem I have is that I will be on an airplane the entire day. I won't get into San Diego until 10 pm. Does anyone have a problem with me doing the push-ups the next day? Any suggestions? 

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Jaybroni said...

good job on the push-ups!

I think to make things fair for everyone so that they can't have an reason to miss the test, we'll have a 2 week period where you have to submit a video of you doing push-ups based on the rules from my previous post. If, within those two weeks, you do NOT post a video, you will LOSE the $100 bet. This should give you time to practice doing 100 pushups in front of a mirror or whatever before doing it in front of a camera.

I'll put a vote in to see which weeks people are free for the test. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll know for sure of the dates.

Make sense?