Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's getting harder (That's what she said)

Okay so Week 3 ended a few days ago for me and just started Week 4 yesterday. Man, my max at the end of Day 1 of Week 4 dropped dramatically, the amount of reps for each set has even dropped a bit. I had a day of rest yesterday and will be doing day 2 tonight for this week, I'm crossing my fingers that my max will go back up. Maybe it was that stupid rest for the weekend. That week I had to play catch up, I did a lot more going every day....(thinking) I'm doing pushups everyday-ish. Here are the stats:

Week 3 Day 3: 30-22-22-20, 5th set max 64. Then, went for a 6 mile run, it took about an hour and five mins, minus a few because of traffic lights.
Week 4 Day 1: 27-20-20-17, 5th set max 50.

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