Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Week 2, Day 1

Started off bad this week. Only did 12-12-9-7 and a max of 12. I don't know why I had a hard time. Maybe it was the two day break I had.

Also did some interval running. Jogged about 2 mins then ran really fast (or fast jog) for 1 min.. Did that for a total of 3 mins. Then did ab crunches.

Now i just finished eating tempura shrimp. I feel healthy already.



milhouse said...

lol... i like your version of interval "training". what you described is like what i do when i'm running 3 minutes late for a meeting, which means i've been doing interval training almost everyday of my professional career.

btw, i call bs on your numbers... there's no way you maxed out at 12!

tynee terror said...

oh geeez, silly me forgot that some of ya'll might be bs-ing on this thing since you're in a bet. haha. duh.

Jaybroni said...

I'll need to adjust my interval training. Maybe 10 min jogs and half a minute fast jogs...

as far as the number of push-ups.. that's between me and stevie.