Monday, July 07, 2008

tynee terror is here!

But ya'll don't have to worry because I'm not joining in on the bet. I don't want to embarass anyone and take anyone's money. ha! Just here to blog and have fun.

So I'm home sick with a bad stomach virus, but somehow I got a boatload of motivation and energy in the past two hours. Took advantage of it and did my initial test and day one of the challenge.

Intitial Test - 30
Day 1 - 10-10-8-6-21

Not bad for a 5' 0.75", 10# pound woman, eh? ;op If I actually do the 100 pushups, I'm going to treat myself to all the ramen in the world. Mmm mm goood. Good luck to everyone who's in on the bet!


milhouse said...

welcome to the blog! but are you absolutely, positively, 100% sure you don't want to get in on the actual bet? it'll do wonders for your motivation and health. it may even bump you up to a full 5' 1"! :-P

tynee terror said...

Is this your way of trying to take my money? By saying that it'll do wonders for my motivation and health? I'm happy to be just under 5'1" by the way - 5'1" is so overrated.

milhouse said...

...if by "overrated" you mean "over 5'0.75"", then yes. overrated :-P

luxelogic said...

I don't know how much 10# pounds is exactly but if it's anything like under 100 (which I think you are -- like, I'd guess 85, right?)... well, that's EASY. Pshaw. I'd be doing one-handed push-ups and adding in a hand-clap or two in the air between each.

[JK - I already told milhouse that we're screwed if you join. "She's got some serious upper body strength!")

tynee terror said...

LOL, luxelogic! i will not reveal my weight, but it is over 100 pounds, honey. I have padded this ass over the past few months.

And, btw, I actually can do pushups with a clap in between. ;o) Like I said, though, no worries because I aint joining the actual bet! I am here to cheer ya'll on and doing it for the pride. Rock on!