Thursday, July 03, 2008

Week 1, Day 2 and New Participant

Just did 12,12,10,10, max 20. I feel like I'm making light progress since I'm up to 64. I wasn't able to run but I did some swimming strokes for about 30 minutes. I probably shouldn't have since I was already going to work on my arms for my push-ups.

My pecs and arms have gotten a tiny bit stiffer and this is before my workout. I'll have to do more abs and back to round out my upper half.

In other news, I shaved my head again to increase the air flow on the way down and up. Less drag, more reps.

Also, we have another push-upper but this time it's a non-participant which means he's it in it for the motivation but not in it to win any money unless he changes his mind within the next week.

'Til then, give it up for fliptreej!

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luxelogic said...

@fliptreej Welcome! I think you should just go for it and put down the cash!