Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 4 end and new max

Been busy with work and playing pretend single dad as Nico's mom spent last Saturday with her lady friends at a bachelorette day/night out. So I was carrying around a 17lb. baby boy, who fighting the irritations of excema (or exzcema, depending on who's checking) for most of Saturday. I might have missed my pushups but my arms were getting a workout. But I "digest." Latest stats:

End of Week 4: 30-22-22-20, then maxed the 5th set at 64

Before the start of Week 5, another exhaustion test and I hit 80! Woo-friggin'-hoo!

I guess I'm back on track... for now. I'm starting Week 5 off schedule (or sheh-deeool as my peeps in England pronounce it) but at least I'm starting it much stronger than last week. I'll try to get a run in tomorrow. For now it's time to relax and catch Conan O'Brien.

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tynee terror said...

WOWSAS! Ummm...glad i'm not in on the bet. :o)