Wednesday, July 02, 2008


We have to give it up to Jaybroni for putting up this bet and site. I'm super motivated (see how long this will last). Besides the pushups, reading about everyone's running made me put the running shoes back on yesterday. I haven't put in a good jog/run in over a month but it felt great. To give back, I'm also going to log my run distance and time, hope this helps Milhouse and Luxelogic with their training to 10k. Sounds fun by the way. If I didn't have the little time I do to spend with my 3-month-old I would train for one too. So for now, thank you Jaybroni and all for keeping this old man going.

Week 2 Day 1:
Started with the third column. So 12-12-9-7, then maxed out at 54. I actually did 31 straight, then did two 10 second rest without my knees dropping until I got to 54. Next, I went for a 3.2 mile jog (no not a run) around the neighborhood in about 34 mins.

Keep on keepin' on y'all. Maybe the next bet should be us all meeting at a marathon or an Iron Man and who ever finishes first between us gets the cash. Wait, a silly fun one, remember those old silly Presidential Fitness Tests in school? Let's find one of those and max out on all of them in one day with a point system. Okay, I'm just going on too many tangents and I'm getting tired just thinking about the training. Nap time.

P.S. I'm sure you know I'm joking about the Iron Man, a co-worker of mine said her friend trained almost 40 hours a week for I think a year to prepare for his, CA-RAZAY!

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Jaybroni said...

Thanks for the props!

But 54?!?!? I call bullsh*t! j/k

Good job! Keep up with the running!