Monday, July 07, 2008

Week 2 end and new max

Okay so these last few days have been tough. I've messed with my rhythm last week by starting on a Tuesday, then missed a couple of days and played catch-up over the weekend to get back on track. So I've been doing pushups consecutively since Friday and will do more tonight. That all said. Week 2 down at: 15-15-12-12-54. Then yesterday I did the test to see where I'd start for week 3, I got up to 60 with a couple of breaks but, again, without my knees touching the ground. Dang this is getting harder... "that's what she said." Not doing as much as Senor Roncarlo but shit, I've made some strides from my initial test (27) before Week 1.

P.S. Where's my pic on my posts? I already covered my face so no one would be offended, dang, my grill that ugly too? <-- This question is not a poll but it can be. Is The Rhymenocerous' grill ugly? Yes or no.

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