Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I can't believe it's already week 6. Seriously? In no way am I ready to do 100 though. Did the exhaustion test over the weekend and actually made it to 50. Whole lotta shakin' and sweatin' goin' on by the end! So the first day of week 6, here's how it went: 42-35-32-30-45
What are the exact rules when it comes to finally doing the 100 push ups? Can we pause in the middle of it? And how do you define "pause"? I'm thinking it's in the "up" position of the push-up where hands/arms are extended, not bent. 

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Rhymenocerous said...

I believe we all agreed to "resting" in between if we need it but as long as our knees don't hit the ground. See . Also, just a reminder to all how we're measuring a "good form pushup" .