Tuesday, August 12, 2008

final test take 1

so i did my final test already and had no problem doing the 100...gabi counted for me. however, the video didn't capture the whole length of my body. so it could be open to scrutiny. so i shall wait until tomorrow and do the pushups again.

i must say though, the 100 is getting easier and easier the more i do them. keep it up everyone!!


Rhymenocerous said...

Funny, not even kidding, same thing happened to me. As I was video taping, the camera went out at around 74. I got up to 99, then my body just wouldn't let me finish the last one. Worst of all, I re aggravated my shoulder (officially a muscle strain). So I'm staying off until next week. I'm confident I can get there. BTW, the last 25-30 pushups were there but they were not the prettiest :) So next time, I'm going to use an actual camcorder, not the video feature on the digital point-and-shoot camera.

Jacob Aliet said...

I restarted week two today. I struggled through day two and three of week two last week. So I have decided to restart - a question keeps nagging me over whether they didn't load days 2 and 3 too much? At any rate, day 1 has gone smoothly.
I have a question: when the training program says "rest for 60 seconds or more", what does "rest" mean? Do you ease up and sit down for example and do any restful thing or do you have to remain on the push up position?
I ask this because most of the videos on the web have people resting while in the push up position.
How do you guys rest between the sets?

Jacob Aliet said...

The correct URL: