Monday, August 11, 2008

Final Test Reminder

Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that starting the 17th until the 31st you'll need to upload a video of you doing 100 push-ups. There's actually a way to upload the video through the blog edit tool. Keep in mind that most of your video's will be HUGE and those with slow connections (Roncarlo being one of them) will have to go to either an internet cafe or find someone with a DSL/Cable modem.

I personally will wait until the very last day because I'm still on week 4. But if you're ready, do it now and get it over with. I'd start taping your exhaustion tests just in case you're able to do 100 pushups.

Hope you're all able to do them otherwise one or two people will have some traveling money going their way.

1 comment:

Jacob Aliet said...

I would like to see the videos too. I want to retart week two.