Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's a push-up?

I just did my final first week test and my entire body just feels super tight. My max was 21 before my arms gave in to the pain. I don't think it's possible to do more than 21. I'll redo the first week starting Monday.

Speaking of the number 21, We'll have two more participants joining our blog. I think that's great! I feel that we should still start Monday June 30th, but leave it open for a few weeks for anyone else that might want to join.

As for the final test date, we'll keep that open as well. It should be at least 6 six weeks from June 30th but I think instead of having a week to do your test. Just make sure you record it if you can't do it live via webcam or in front of another participant and post it up on the web for the entire world to see.

If you don't post a video or have someone vouch for you within the week or the week after, then you split your $100 to the ones that were successful.

How does that sound?

One more issue I wanted to bring up...

A lot of you peeps have been asking me how we'll define a push-up. Since we can't really see if your chest is touching a golf ball on video, we can only rely on your arms and elbows. Use this image as a guideline on how low you should go. It doesn't have to be exact but you should be very close to parallel.

Remember Monday is the start date for us! Post your results and measurements for a before and after comparison if you want. And if you want to put a side profile of your body, that's cool too, but chest only please.

(inhale)YOINKS....... and away.


luxelogic said...

I don't really need to contemplate loopholes since I'm going to be hitting the goal... BUT, are we really going to trust the integrity of 2 participants as mutual witnesses? For example, if Milhouse and I happen to choose each other as witnesses, I can see following scenario: "Hey, we need to go pick up some supplies for Cabo. How about we _say_ we finished and just go get the liquor? We'll pay for it with the money we get from the suckers who don't make it!" I would suggest that you cannot select a participant as a witness if you are vouching for them already. Let's just hope we don't start cutting deals: "Hey Milhouse, I'll split 80/20 if you vouch!"

Jaybroni said...

I agree it's not the best rule to regulate this contest but with the requirement of posting a video for all to see during testing week, it shouldn't matter if it's a third-party or another participant. Esp given the location of our participants (United States of Hungaria, New Zealand, San Diego, Los Angeles)

As long as the video is one continuous shot, has someone counting out loud and with an angle in front or side of the person (to see the position of the arm), i'm hoping that's all we'll really need for proof.

But if anyone has other ideas, please let me know.

milhouse said...

wait, video eh?... i already have a video of myself eating 100 pushups with luxelogic. we had horrible tummy aches afterwards though, and then proceeded to puke it all out... ahhh good times.