Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week 1 Day 1 (actually yesterday)

Just wanted to keep you kids updated. I've already put this on my own site but since it's not officially launched (hang-ging golden brown) until the site's programming's complete, I'll give you my results here as well.

"Started with the third column, followed the first four levels with no problem and got to 27 good-form pushups on the fifth level."

Yeah, kiddies, that's 27... and it friggin' hurt. Still sore from it and I'm scared I can't quadruple it on the last day. But I "digest", I will keep fighting... until I can't.

Spoiler alert: You two are going down faster than a two-dollar wh•re! I don't have a Napoleon complex, I just happened to be a bit short and really like to inflate my ego with lame accomplishments I have to express out loud, repeatedly. Oh and here's a video of me practicing, here and here.

Peace off y'all. 'Nocerous OUT!

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