Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two More Have Joined

I just want to welcome our two new participants: luxelogic and kat! They'll be joining us in our bet for 100 pushups.

*golf claps*

At the moment this is the way I see the bet breakdown:

1 winner: $500
2 winners: $200 each
3 winners: $100 each
4 winners: $50 each
5 winners: $20 each
6 winners: PUSH

As you can see, the more winners we have, the less money you'll receive. It's certainly not a huge financial incentive but at least you can say you did 100 push-ups. Maybe in the future we can change it around and increase the stakes if this works out.

On that note if you want to invite more of your friend, feel free. That just adds to the pot.

I think we'll keep this open for one more week. Send this link out to your friends that might want to participate but only send it to those who you can account for when it comes time to pay up, if necessary.

So in terms of posts, feel free to say what you want. Say the truth or bluff. I'm sure many of you are doing it already. The most important post is the one with your video.

Also, those six of you who are in this blog are officially entered into this contest. There's no turning back. You MUST complete the bet or forfeit your $100. No bailing half way through. So please don't flake with the money. It's part of what drives us to hit 100 push-ups.

Any questions? complaints?

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